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 Officers and Directors


 Elected Officers


 -- Janet Craig - jlcraig7@gmail.com


 -- Doris Beard - dorisbeard@roadrunner.com



Sandra Schmidt - Pineshore44@gmail.com


 -- Lynn Arteberry - arteberrylynn@gmail.com

 Immediate Past President

 -- Janet Leistner

 Immediate Past Past President

 -- Steve Fritz

 Elected Directors

Fred Bullinger, Karen Bippus, Donna Schmidt
Doris Beard (2 Yrs), Didane Meier (1 Yr), David Pfettscher (2 Yrs)


             Committees and Chairpersons

 Auditing and Budget

 --  Lynn Arteberry & Darla Olberding


 --   John Wessel

 Community Service

 --  Jane Staton


 --  Donna Lutz & Judy Isaac

 Frog Follies

 --  Jim Sharp

 Hensly Scholarship

 --  Diane Meier/Donna Schmidt

 IRTA Liaison & Legislative

 --  Diane Meier

 Luncheon Decorations




 Jane Staton, Janet Craig, Janet Leistner

Dessert & Beverage


 Don & Susan Mosbey

 Lunch Collection Committee


 Donna Lutz & Judy Isaac


 --  Darlene Brockriedge


 --  Janet Craig


 --  Janet Craig


 --  Diana Luck & Brenda Beeler, Newsletter/Scott Riley, Web


 --  Doris Beard (Facebook)


 --  Jane Staton

Special Projects

 --  Janet Leistner


 --  Darla Olberding

Teacher Locker Board

 --  Mike Madriaga, Sandra Madriaga, & Vic Doty