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From its early beginning in 1962, one thread of unanimity continues to weave through the membership of ERTA.  It is a focused dedication to the teaching profession and the continued interest in education.

ERTA members have come together throughout the years in a manner that fosters a sense of community.  The enthusiasm has never wavered.  It has only strengthened!

Since inception, there is a role that every member can fulfill.  Perhaps it is just attending meetings, socializing with familiar faces, renewing old acquaintances or making new friends.  Others may volunteer to serve on standing committees, or maybe show an interest in assuming a position on the Executive Board.  Whatever ones role, it is important!

Quoting from the ERTA bylaws, the objectives of ERTA are:

“ERTA will encourage its members to maintain interest and participation in professional organizations, to support the public schools and institutions of higher learning, to continue participation in the economic and political life of the community and to work with other educational organizations to promote the welfare of retired educators.”